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Happy Lucky's Teahouse


236 Walnut Street
Fort Collins, CO 80524
(970) 689-3417

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Outdoor & Patio Dining  •  Takeout  •  Coffee, Tea, & Bakery  •  Shopping  •  Gifts & Fun  •  Grocery, Premium Foods, & Spirits  •  Dine

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At Happy Lucky’s Teahouse we share how culture, lifestyle, health and happiness boil down to just three elements: Water, Tea, and Time.

We were the first teashop in Fort Collins when we opened in 2009 in the 100-year-old historic Firehouse in Old Town. Our mission is building community and nourishing happiness through the experience of great tea.

We have the largest selection of tea in Colorado with over 200 varieties on our Great Wall of Tea — an interactive, informative and immersive tea experience. Our knowledgeable Leafsters (staff) will help you explore recommendations for your unique palate, lifestyle and well-being. We are tea educators – take one of our Tasting Teas of the World classes and take flight to the world from the tasty beverage mecca of Fort Collins, Colorado!

Tea is available loose leaf, by the ounce, to take home or brewed in classic teaware for your in-store enjoyment.

It’s a great atmosphere to relax by yourself, enjoy a date, or plan a work meeting. Place a wish in our old brick Wishing Wall, write in the Happy Lucky Community Journal, or take a piece of complimentary origami paper and fold a crane for our 1,000 cranes of peace collection. You can hang out by the front windows, relax in the tea room, enjoy the outdoor seating, or sidle up to the tea bar and watch the Leafsters “work.” Sitting at the tea bar is a great way to talk tea and if the timing is right, you may get in on a leafster’s special tea tasting.

Fort Collins is a town of tasty beverages, music, and crafted foodies culture. We are tea central in the middle of all that!